Saturday, March 26, 2005

I'm getting to the greater part of Naruto. I can't watch it on tv since my classes are on the afternoon, so I bought myself the entire set of it's series! It was so damn good! I had reached to the point where Itachi and Sasuke meet at last! Damn! Itachi's hot! Even though he seems like a lunatic to wipe his entire clan out, he's one damn hot ninja!


  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH~!!! *finds another Naruto worshipper* The next episodes are even BETTER!

    *loves Naruto THE ANIME and Naruto THE CHARACTER*

  2. LOL. XD

    I just started watching Naruto sa abs-cbn a few days ago. And you're a spoiler! LOL. Kidding. I'm not actually into it. I don't know why. XD

  3. Wah! It's because hindi gaanong enjoy yan sa umpisa. Pero it's getting greater w/ each passing day! ^^ Sorry for spoiling. :P

  4. LOL. XD

    Don't say sorry. Sige. I'll try to watch again. XD


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