Monday, May 31, 2004

Holy War

A while ago, I watched the news. There was this hotel at Saudi Arabia that was under terrorist attack. they said that 3 Filipinos died in that incident. And the terrorists were called "Jerusalem Brigade". Then this came into my mind. Isn't killing against Christian's God will as well as Muslim's Allah? Then why is there a thing called a "Holy War"? In my point of view, they shouldn't call it "Holy" if it's a war. A war only gives two results, dead people and people who wants revenge for their dead families. Why do they need to fight because of some beliefs? Why don't they just leave each other be of their beliefs and live their own life. A war is inhuman. It only brings tears, pain and more bloodshed. Kaya hindi na natapos yang "Holy War" na yan eh. Sino bang promotor niyan?

Friday, May 14, 2004

What Happens When the Dark Enters the Light?

Chette Posted:

EURI - Eto tanong ko lang... What happens when a Light enters the dark? What's the answer? And.. after you answer that, Answer this one too... Now.. What happens when the dark enters the Light?

My reply:

Before answering, why the question? I really didn't get these question right so there would be possibilities that my answers would be quite... unrelated...?? The first question was What happens when a Light enters dark? If you would take it in literal meaning, my answer would be, the light will still shine in the dark. Assuming that a small matched lighted in a cold dark room, that match would provide a little light and warmth in that cold, dark room. But the darkness might swallow that tiny bit of light afterwards. And the second question was, What happens when the dark enters the Light? Taking into literal meaning as well, if the dark would enter the light, the darkness would fade. Did I answer the question? If I did, would you answer my question too? Assuming that the light is a person's hope of faith and the dark is the other way around, and a person is in the middle of the way to light and dark. Then, that person chose the darkness, and totally lost that light, is there any possibility that that light would shine again?

This was also taken from her blog:

Answer: "What are the most common problems why these Christian leaves Jesus?"
1. Other Christians set a bad example and feeling not welcome
2. Selfish desires. "I lead my own life and I won't depend on God"
3. Really hard to live a life with God. (persecutions... etc...)

Yes, I agree, somehow, these are some of the reasons people usually have. But to me, it is something more to it than meets the eye. I didn't left Christianity because of these reasons. Even if you aren't a Christian, life is still hard - not just hard, but harder. If you're a Christian, you still have someone to cling on to when you have problems, you could just kneel down and pray to lessen the pains a bit and pretend that someone out there is watching you. But if you have no god, it is harder because whenever you fall, you have to pick yourself up all alone and people wont be there the comfort you because you're weird. I left not because I wanted to lead my own life. I left because there are times when you have to wake up and just stop pretending.

Friday, May 7, 2004

A Dream…

I can't seem to sleep that night I wonder why. I rose up to my feet and walked around at an unfamiliar room furnished with several antique Victorian styled furniture. The room was in white and gold, its windows, adorned with elegant curtains flowing down the fully carpeted floors. I suddenly thought of going out the terrace for the view – it was breathtaking. The whole city was filled with lights as if tiny fireflies in the darkest of forest. The wind then blew to my face as I close my eyes and feel the whispering breeze. I opened my eyes again and walked back inside and closed the terrace doors. I pulled down the rope that held the curtain to cover the doors as I unclothed myself, reached for the dresser, pulled out a dress and got changed. I suddenly noticed myself grasping the door's knob, slowly turning it and leaving the room.

As I left the room, I went pass a hall with beautiful art collection lined up beside each room's doors. The walls were ornamented with different paintings if not, crystal like wall sconce and the floor, carpeted in red. It was as if I was walking at a palace hall. As I was roaming around the halls looking at each and every one of the fine arts that lay there, I heard someone playing piano. I couldn't tell where it was from but I was pretty sure it was the sound of a piano. As I continued to walk following the music, I found the music lead me to a room with two great doors. I was curious, so I opened the door and tried to peek inside to see who was playing. A soft, gentle, manly voice then spoke, and asked me to come in. He didn't utter a word but something was telling me that he knew I was there even before I tied to peek. Although he asked me to come in, he still continued playing as if I were not there. I looked around the room to make myself less uneasy. The room was almost like the room I was from - the antique Victorian furniture and the fully carpeted floors. The half covered windows, however, are wider and taller. My eyes then glanced through it and saw the moon from it – full and beautiful. While my eyes roam the room, it passed through him. I wondered who he was but as I see it, I knew him from my dream. As I stared at him while he was playing, I couldn't refrain myself to look at his beautiful eyes although I could see only sadness within them. When he noticed I was staring at him, he closed his eyes, lowered down his head, and asked me not to stare at him. But I couldn't help it. He was beautiful. He asked me to take a sit and I did. It was the chair near the fireplace with another chair next to it and a table with a vase of red rose at the top. And a while later, the song was done. He served me tea and sat at the chair beside me. By his usage of words and etiquette, I could tell that he was of a wealthy up-bring. He held my hands and placed it at his chest as his head facing down. His tears then fell to my hands and quickly he wiped them away. I reached my hand and touched his face while wiping his tears. His arms then extended to my back and embraced me tight. He thanked me for being there as I returned his embrace...

Then I woke up thinking who might he be and when and where was that dream. As I ask myself, will we cross our paths someday or it already crossed long, long before.


Sometimes, there are people, though we just have known them for a little while, they've already taught us so many things and showed us a glimpse of what the world is to us, and after that, they just leave without any good reason. Even if we don’t want to, they still leave us alone in a dark room, weeping… and after that, another one will come, will wipe our eyes dry, will make us feel happy for a while, and after we've learned to love them, they will leave us again...

Whenever people say that, "Life is so Unfair" somehow, something inside me agrees. Why do we need to stand after we fall? Why do we need to meet a lot of people and after a while they will just leave us. Why do people just come into our lives and just leave us after we have grown to love them? Why do we need to smile after we cried so hard after they leave? Why do we tend to love someone to whom we knew at the very first time that that someone we love, loves someone else?

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