Saturday, November 27, 2004

Bandwidth Limit Exeeded

My site was down again, so I resorted here for my journalizing. This time, it's a "Bandwith Limit Exceeded" thing. I wasn't really expecting that much visitors this month. I don't know maybe it's because people have nothing much to do since most school had just started a few weeks before. I had recived a lot of e-mails lately from ramdom people. I really need time to read all of them. More to that is I had tons of e-mail accounts. And because of that, I decided to trim down my e-mails.

We had our sportfest these past 3 days including today. I'm not a sporty type, so I just sat at some bench and just yell "Go! Black Scoprions Go!" and went around eating this and that, as usual. Btw, Khei was the champ in the badminton tournament! Congrats Khei! :D And what else, yeah, I lost my game - bowling. I don't play sports. :P People know that. It's just a matter of having representatives for that certain game. And besides, I was forced to join. I didn't even get myself listed on the try outs. I just found myself under the team's members automatically...

Friday, November 26, 2004

Brings Back Memories

I saw him a while ago at school. He pass by me and gave me back the cd he borrowed. We had treated each other as friends since the time we broke up but his attitude of not talking to me infront of many people still haven't changed. He acted as if he really didn't want to let the people know we knew each other.

When we were still together, I felt this thing like he was ashamed of me. Whenever we are walking, he always went on ahead and left me walking alone. Then he would yell at me telling me I walk oo slow where in fact, he walks too fast. When I tell him that, he would always say it's hot. And stupidly, I always just give a nod for an answer. But deep down my heart, I cry.

I had always told myself to just forget him but I couldn't do it. I always keep myself busy to avoid remembering things such as that but no use... I wanted to be by him again but then the troma of just leaving me without any good reasong still lives within me so thought twice again. Another thing, he's a strong Christian and wouldn't even listen to what I have to say when I start asking "How sure are you that your G-d exist?". I can't imaging myself praying, going to Sabbath, preaching whatever. I had been born and grew without any divine diety. And he was the opposite. We couldn't meet because his spritual side is the first in his priorities and me the last where in my side, it's the exact opposite. My friend, Jon once told me that even if, everything would meet at the middle if we really love each other. I could give him that assurace but what about him? That, I couldn't tell.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

An Introduction

This LJ account is just a continuation of my other deleted journal. (Some of you knows it.) This journal, as the other one, might be a little too offensive to some people. But nevertheless, I just return what people give me, in double. If you give me kindness, I will give you back kindness with respect. If you give me insults, I will give you back a smile and my pity along side. I need not insult you because you’re just one of those people who just misunderstood me. But do not try my patience. I may have long patience for other things but I will never tolerate people who’ve gone too far. I’m not scaring you or bragging that I’m scary because I’m not. I’m just being true to myself.

Read at your own discretion.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Weiss Kreuz Roleplay

So. I recently joined a Weiss Kreuz RP. I'm handling Hidaka Ken, my favorite. His slot was open, surprisingly, by chance, so I joined without second thought.

There are free slots, in case you guys are interested!

Here are the rest of the crew:

Weiss Team

Fujimiya Ran: MS
Kudou Yoji: Maaru
Hidaka Ken: Euri
Tsukiyono Omi: Riisha

Schwarz Team:
Brad Crawford: free
Naoe Nagi: Amy
Schuldig: free
Farfarello: Free

Persia: Free
Manx: Free

Chibi Chocobo: Ray

To join: E-mail Ray or Riisha

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